Success and achievement business concept

Media Relations:  American Society of Pain Educators
Strategic counsel, message development, stakeholder identification and media relations focused primarily on introducing this 501(c)(3) to healthcare professionals.

B-to-Be to Drive Engagement:
Media relations for this leading provider of open innovation software designed to meet the requirements of patent-dependent industries via the company’s software, which provides an online portal for the submission, capture, decision support and sharing of new ideas while protecting a corporation’s intellectual property rights.

Issues Management & Training: Girls Scouts of the USA
Ongoing counsel and media training to corporate and councils nationwide on a variety of issues from negative press regarding product tampering and trans fats in cookies to mis-perceptions about relationships with other groups.

Issues Management via Community Relations: Global Pharma Company 1
Issues management via counsel and review of public education materials for a global pharmaceutical company during multi-phase analysis of environmental issue inherited during acquisition of subsidiary.

Employee Relations via Women’s Leadership Portal: Global Pharma Company 2
Provided strategic counsel, editorial services and content development for launch of a pharmaceutical company’s internal women’s leadership program in support of its mission to further advancement of women within the client organization. Provided opportunities for education and professional development … including site map,  e-interviews with company’s women leaders for profiles, continual refreshing of portal and e-campaign and on-site activities to drive launch, ongoing visits to portal and engagment of both women and men.

Issues Management, Crisis Training & Advocacy Group Relations: Global Pharma Company 3

  • For Tokyo-based parent company, developed worldwide issues/crisis training module that included country-specific scenarios for use by leaders of subsidiaries worldwide.
  • For U.S. subsidiary, provided counsel to help generate business-to-business visibility to drive licensing and acquisition opportunities; managed advocacy group and community relations for a drug in Phase III clinical trials; and handled issues management and training when Phase I clinical trials were temporarily suspended due to an anomaly.

Strengthening Stakeholder Relationships: PDI

  • Issues Management: Created a company-wide issues/crisis management plan that included a communications policy, roles, the notification process and managing employee and public understanding of company-related issues.  Provided media training along with ongoing counsel and issue-specific message development to help the company better manage product-related issues as well as negative press that included unwarranted inclusion in industry round-up stories.
  • Communications Audit: Implemented a proprietary communications audit to determine employee engagement with print, online and other communications vehicles to identify gaps and facilitate recommendations for improvements, with a focus on establishing a social media presence.