Media Training


Media Training: Four Steps for Success

Company spokespeople often ask, “Why should I care about the media? They have their job. I have mine.”

There are several reasons. Perhaps the most important is that even if you don’t care about the press, the press cares about you.  As non-elected ombudsmen, the media enjoys public trust; they see themselves mandated to inform on any and all company and product issues and blow whistles on wrongdoers while good news often given cursory – if any – visibility.

The most critical element of success is the message upon which the communications platform is built, the way that message is delivered and by whom … along with a trusted advisor to support success for a one-off media event, building long-term media relationships or managing an issue, crisis or emergency.

At StrategCations, we have a four-step process for success.

Step 1: Identifying the key messages, stories and visuals that provide the core of all print and verbal communications.

Step 2: Identifying the most appropriate company spokespeople to ensure consistency of messages.

Step 3:   On-site training that includes an in-depth look at today’s media to better understand who they are, what they do and why; on-camera mock interviews to identify; correct and fine-tune delivery of messages.

Step 4:  Post-issue analysis to determine weaknesses and strengths to develop new processes and procedures where necessary.