Crisis Prevention & Training

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Successful crisis management anticipates the needs of a company’s publics – including its media – and provides the appropriate materials to control speculation and imagination, which can paint a far more dramatic and horrifying picture than actual fact.

Planning benefits a company in four ways.

  • Identifies and prepares the Issues/Crisis Response Team to act quickly, decisively and appropriately through training that includes scenario planning.
  • Issues are resolved and may not escalate because they are managed quickly.
  • Minimizes human and fiscal resources needed to resolve the issue because there are fewer communications mistakes.
  • The company’s reputation is maintained – or quickly restored – because it demonstrated integrity, honesty and compassion.

Working with clients, StrategCations develops a comprehensive plan and provides training that includes scenario planning so your company’s Issues/Crisis Response Team members identify potential scenarios and appropriate actions as well as fully understand their roles, the notification process and managing employee and public engagement.   Response Team members receive a comprehensive Issues/Crisis Management Handbook with templates for use should an issue arise.